Projects and Collaborations

”Créme de la Créme”

This is a unique opportunity to book the Engegård Quartet for a bargain!! We´re collaborating with promoters throughout Norway, in order to build our audience. Not dissimilar to “Testdrive the Arts”, it´s aimed at a new audience who don´t yet know how they will love to hear a classical string quartet! This is work in progress – join in!

Susanne Lundeng

Our project with the folk violinist Susanne Lundeng will hopefully meet the mics in March 2014. We can reveal that Susanne has used the string quartet as her almost exclusive accompaniment for her new album. We are going on tour with the new programme in October 2014.

Halvdan Sivertsen

After our debut together in Kulturkirken Jakob on April 23rd 2013, we´re champing at the bit to repeat the experience. It was just a wonderful combination. We´re planning a tour in November 2014.

Bjørn Sundquist

The Engegård Quartet and Bjørn Sundquist will present an evening of Ibsen and Beethoven. Bjørn Sundquist´s reading of “På Viddene” (On the Heights) will be coloured by fragments of Beethoven. After an interval, the Engegård Quartet will perform Beethoven´s opus 131 in it´s entirety.

Dénes Várjon

The Engegård Quartet´s collaboration with the Hungarian pianist Dénes Várjon is the result of Arvid Engegård and Dénes close contact in nearly 20 years. They have worked together regularly in Hungary, Austria and England, and now Dénes is finally coming on tour to Norway with the Engegård Quartet, in March 2014. Dénes´performs regularly to Europe´s great halls, festivals and series. Only last year, Dénes performed at the Salzburg Festival, Marlboro Festival, and last but not least, at Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival.

Nils Økland

Nils Økland has taken Norwegian folk music into the realms of improvisation. Our project with Nils delves into Norwegian music of many facets, including the classical greats like Griegs g minor quartet, a 20th century foray into folk music by Johan Kvandal, and exploration of Nils´own compositions, very much inspired by his deep roots in folk music.

Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson is one of the few clarinetists who maintains a busy solo schedule throughout Europe, America and Asia. Her most recent recording of Brahms and Mendelsson was described by John Lenehan in The Observer as “definitive…triumphant…a landmark disc” (april 2012)